Parents are always welcome to visit our school and staff are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Enrolment Requirements

  • In Victoria your child needs to have turned 5 on or before the 30th April before he/she can legally start school. Parents can legally defer enrolment for their child until the child is six years old.
  • You can enrol your child in a Victorian government primary school at any time during the year.

2024 Foundation (Prep) Enrolment


Transition from Kindergarten to School
The transition from kinder to school is a big step for most children.  Parents need to be aware that children come to school with a wide range of skills and abilities and all children are individuals and develop in different ways at different rates.


Parents need to remember to be positive, encourage and support your child. Remember that school should be an exciting and enjoyable experience for children and the staff at Tyers Primary will do their utmost to ensure this will be so for your child.


When children begin school, they are required through necessity, to be able to perform some simple tasks independently. 


Click here for a list of tasks parents should consider preparing their child for.


Attendance for Preps in February
Children often find the beginning of the school year quite tiring, particularly with the hot February weather.  For this reason, Prep children will attend full days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday with a break on Wednesday.


Full days are 8:50am – 3.20pm. Children are welcome in the classroom from 8:40am onwards.


We have found that a midweek break is beneficial to help children settle into school.  Preps will begin a full week from the start of March.


School Uniform & Requirements
The wearing of the School Uniform is compulsory at Tyers Primary School.  The wearing of hats is compulsory during Terms 1 and 4.


Uniform Requirements

Uniform Price List

Uniform Pics


Each child will need to have an art smock - an old shirt of dads would be fine! This can be kept at school.


Library bags are also required to protect the books that your child will borrow from the school library.