School History

Established in 1879, Tyers Primary School has a long history.

The Tyers Primary School, originally called the Boola Boola State School, was opened to students on the 2nd October, 1879.  Mr Jope was the first Head Teacher. 


On 24th May 1918 the school name was changed to Tyers State School. This was at the request of the then Secretary of the School Committee who provided that the school name should be changed to match the name of the nearby post office. 


The old Type ’C’ school building was officially opened in November 1914 and the additional classrooms added to this building were opened in 1954, some seven year after the school was first connected to the power supply.


The new school building on the northern side of the school was opened in 2011.


Tyers School Pupils 1951

Tyers School Young Farmers Club 1948